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Surf Lessons - Daytona Beach, FL

The best surf lessons in the Daytona Beach, FL area!

Quick Details

Private Surf Lesson Per Person for 1 Hour
Semi-Private Surf Lesson Per Person for 1 Hour
Group Surf Lesson (Groups of 3-5) Per Person for 1 Hour
3 Day Private Surf Lesson
3 Day Semi-Private Surf Lesson
3 Day Group Surf Lesson (Group of 3)
3 Day Group Surf Lesson (Group of 4)
3 Day Group Surf Lesson (Group of 5)

Enjoy and learn more about surfing in Ormond Beach, FL!

At Surfari Surf School we offer the best beginner, intermediate, and advanced Surf Lessons in the Daytona Beach area. We make learning to surf both fun and safe for everyone. Surfari Surf School is located in Ormond Beach, Florida just 1 mile north of Daytona Beach, Florida.

Our qualified and experienced instructors are dedicated to teaching you how to surf. We provide the best equipment for your ability level or you may bring your own if you prefer.

Our Surf Lessons are Value Packed!

• Use of surfboard and leash
• Use of wetsuit and/or rash-guard t-shirt
• 1 hour of practice time after the instructor’s lesson
• Bathrooms in the surf shop

Surfari surf lessons in Daytona Beach are for people of all ages. In a 1-hour surf lesson, we will teach you techniques for proper paddling, positioning yourself on the board, standing, falling, ocean awareness, getting through waves, wave timing, and judgment skills. After the lesson, you may practice the skills you learned for one hour.

We are confident that after the lesson you will be able to surf on your own!

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